What is Second Chance Group Homes (“SCGH”) and when was it founded?

SCGH is a social service agency founded in 2006 in order to serve people with developmental disabilities.

What services are provided by SCGH?

In-Home Services which include:
– Habilitation Services (HAH)
– Respite Care (RSP)
– Attendant Care (ATC)

Residential Services
– Group Homes (HBA, RRB)

What is SCGH’s objective?

Mission statement: To provide professional care and services to clients, to assist them in accomplishing their Individual Service Plan (ISP) goals and objectives, in order to achieve developmental, physical and emotional independence in a warm family atmosphere.

How will you keep my child safe in the home?

SCGH meets or exceeds all safety guidelines for group homes, such as locking up all hazardous materials, having attentive staff present with residents, and usage of police/fire monitored alarm systems.

What is the procedure to notify family in case of emergency?

Upon admittance into the home, residents’ information is thoroughly documented, including preferences as to who will be notified. This information will be available to all staff members at all times. In the event of an emergency the appropriate person will be contact as soon as possible.

What procedures are the staffed trained to take in regards to my child’s condition?

Staff members will follow the guidelines outlined in the resident’s Behavior Treatment Plan. Any person who works with your child is expected to be educated about his or her condition and proper therapeutic interventions.

Who will make sure my child takes their medication?

SCGH Staff will dispense medication per prescription. Staff will record all instances of compliance and non-compliance.

Is there group or individual counseling?

SCGH staff is not licensed to perform counseling services at this time. Every measure necessary will be taken to ensure counseling is received, if needed, from an outside agency.

How does the home network within the community?

Residents will be taken on outings as often as possible within the community. This will include errands for the home or consumer as well as recreational activities.

Who will facilitate appointments?

This will be worked out amongst the team (family, therapeutic, group home, school). If SCGH is designated to provide transportation, the house manager will be responsible.

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